Würth is a german company with more than 70 years of experience and leading manufacturer of electronic components. In an environment where it’s hard to distinguish yourself through your products only, it is of crucial importance to find other ways to engage and captivate clients. Würth's answer to this need was to create a series of web apps that help electrical engineers find the right parts for the circuits they’re building.

Oiling the wheels

Although it really comes in handy having a system that helps you solve all your problems at once, this service wasn’t getting the proper importance nor attention. Sometimes, in projects that have grown over time, it’s good to stop, take stock and restructure the work that’s been done. There were tons of handy tools hidden under several layers making them impossible to find.

Reorganizing and reprioritizing the system required a complete digitalization and redesign focusing on the UX and user flows . As one of North's main values is to be the right hand to big companies in their digital transformation, we took on the task.


It’s overhauling time

To polish and improve this service, we held research sessions with the client's team to get to know more about their environment and understand the information architecture. We also conducted a complete analysis to pinpoint the key use cases in order to design a navigation system that would not only fix current issues but set the stage for future needs. After drawing the roadmap, we set course towards our first goal: redesign the homepage and the menu structure.


Fixing the present, ready for the future

After its remake, the new design brought all those hidden perks from the old model to the surface, making their clients life much easier. We laid the groundwork so that now the platform can continue to grow without complications. Users will not only be able to find the component they need, but the best solution to their issues too.



UX Design
Visual Design
Usability Testing


3 weeks