Created 30 years ago by Totón Comella, TCN is a premium clothing brand from Barcelona. In an attempt to broaden their horizons, they're reaching for a younger target as well as new markets with their sights focused specially on UK. To do so, their plan went around three axes: the collections, the shop and the web, which is our expertise and where we jumped into.

Beauty with brains

In order to bring out the new brand values and to make it fit as premium (its appropriate environment), we redesigned the whole web and also focused into bringing the buying experience to its maximum efficiency.

To do so, not only did we have a complete competitive benchmark but also started a thorough research. We got in touch with clients, reached customers service, visited shops and had a workshop with the creative director, Asier Tapias, to understand the collections.


Clearing the road

After all the groundwork, we had clear what had to be done. The new design would integrate a creative concept to bring out the brand values: elegance, simplicity and the attention to the detail as well as build up the ratios through an user friendly interface.

Their creative concept spun around the TCNs woman world. What she likes, her interests, what makes her tick. Short content capsules where everything (the clothes, the elements) was TCN show a romantic, sexy, modern woman daily life. Fun and tender, these capsules not only are independent but also connect and tell a “bigger story” that captive the viewer at the same time it introduces a new collection.

In order to make users life easier and to offer a more fluid browsing, the cart is accesible from the home, without the need of going to the products grid, making it a quicker and more pleasant way to shop.


Into the major league

After the makeover, with its thee strong pillars (the design, the usability and the creativity) the web not only transmits TCNs essence as well as position itself as one of the top fashions webpages in the world.



Creative Direction
User Testing

UX Design
Art Direction
Visual Design


10 weeks