With more than 60 years in the market, Oro Vivo is your go-to store when you’re looking for jewelry. The experience combined with design and quality makes sure their product will never fail you. Unfortunately, their conversion rate made no justice to their a curriculum and history. In a quest for better numbers, they partnered with us and so we began to dig.

Delving into the gold mine

In order to make Oro Vivo reach its potential, we had to enter their world to understand what were the obstacles, find the roadblocks and clear the way to their future steps. That was made possible through an auditing with an e-commerce expert analyzing their website, visits to their stores and sessions of interviews and recorded browsing with users.


Time to refine

After pinpointing where we should work, we knew where the work had to be done in order to bring better numbers. Improvements were needed in the home, the products list and sheet as well as in the checkout in order to raise the conversion rates.

We fixed all the leaks in each segment, closed all the channels that were making them lose users which resulted in a much more user friendly and fluid interface making a possible buyer browsing much more pleasant (and profitable).


Polished Jewel

Oro Vivo was a raw gem that, with the right direction, could reach new heights. With an increase in the conversion rate, the new online store was an upgrade not only on the visual perspective but in results as well.



Agile Product Owner
Roadmap Creation
User Testing

UX Design
Art Direction
Visual Design

Front-end Development
CMS Development


Long-term collaboration