Hitting the apex

So, after our long journey of exploration and several enlightening and inspiring pit stops along the way we’ve reached the final straight. 

We’ve learned that the marriage of many familiar platforms combined with connected networks and cutting-edge sensory technology results in a more engaging, immersive and ultimately safer driving experince. Here’s our vision of an integrated HMI system of the near future. Thanks for coming along for the ride, now, buckle-up.


Bridging the gap

With connectivity and homogeneity in mind we opt for a fluid and organic interface that, while clearly and affectionately giving a nod to analog instrument clusters of the past, embraces the imminent electrification of the industry expressed through the choosen colour palette and glowing, pulsating forms.

Information is kept clear and precise for ease of use, as well as a stripped-down navigation system delivering and receiving real-time audible commands for minimal distraction while driving.



Just because we’re designing for electric semi-autonomous cars of the future doesn't mean that we’ve forgotten about the sheer pleasure and almighty rush of the driving experince. We’re drivers too!

While on one hand striving for a sleek interface on the other we want to convey the sensation of limitless power and lightning quick acceleration. Push the accelerator and watch the blue flames roar and the numbers wizz by as you are transported to hyperspace.


Clever Co-pilot

Our goal for the central console is to strike a harmonious balance between a familiar app-based structure and an advanced gesture and touch controls for an instinctive, natural feel.

The air temperature and intensity can be controlled by pinch-to-zoom and rotate hand gestures. This allows for both to be adjusted simultaneously which in turn saves a little time. Meanwhile, in the media app, switching between your favourite tracks or turning up the volume are just a finger swipe or twirl away.


Victory lap

We’re well aware that in the quest to create the ideally integrated cockpit of the future one aspect should never be overlooked: safety.
With that in mind we created our HUD (heads up display) in a strict minimalistic fashion to deliver only the vital information to the driver without them ever having to take their eyes off the road. Comes in two colours, reflected or projected.



UX Design
Visual Design