Reimagining personalization

In part 1 of this series we covered a lot of ground, exploring everything a connected car could mean. Now we dive deeper into one aspect in particular: personalization.

Digital car consoles are becoming the norm. That in turn opens up a whole trunk full of personalization options. Home screen, your favourite apps, background images, as well as sounds, alerts and the accent of your assistant are all now customizable.



Your car, now truly yours

We are unique animals, so crave a unique vehicle. Digitalization offers a fully customizable environment and it’s only the beginning. The rules are unwritten in this bold new world. 


Data delivery

The vehicle gathers information on every trip you take, analyses the meta data, breaks it down into bite-sized chunks and delivers it effortlessly to your smart device for you to digest later. 

Information on speed, acceleration, consumption and efficient driving to name a few. All at your fingertips and packaged in friendly and visually appealing UI.


Car community

Ever wanted to be rewarded for good driving? We at North have, so that’s why we took it upon ourselves to prototype a platform that does that. Driving analytics enter a community database that enables a brand gratification program that awards points and trophies for your driving accomplishments. 

Earn enough of those points and you can exchange them for useful things: spare parts, fuel, free check up, or just bragging rights over your friends. By creating a rewarding social network not only are the drivers happy, but customer loyalty is also increased. A win win.


Tailor-made infotainment

Personality and the expression of it are important. With that in mind we designed a customizable infotainment platform which adapts to the interests and identity of the user. 

Manage your favourite content, personalise music and browsers or set the ambient lighting to match your mood or time of day. All in the name of making the driving experience as enjoyable and informative as possible.



UX Design
Visual Design