Medox, another Antai venture, is an e-health product that provides an easier, quicker and closer medical attention. Bridging the gap between doctors and patients, it connects them via mobile app.

We take care for our own

Medox works with forward-thinking companies who offer the service to their employees as a benefit. We always try to think on both sides but, in a B2B2C project, striking the right balance between companies that hire the service and the actual users is crucial.

Bringing the sacred relation between doctor and patient to the online world  is no simple task. In order to respect this bond and put the user at ease, the design and the experience have to be pleasant and painless.


On the operating table

We worked hand in hand with Medox's team to make sure there were no loose ends. We sat down with the operations team to understand the effects that each step in the app had on their side. As the ones who will be dealing with the users, we had doctors overseeing the whole process.

Although, at first glance, the result may look like a digital, online product, it is actually something much bigger. Taking into account all the input from doctors, pharmacists and Medox team, we came up with a complete service design with a strong and structured offline section. The result is an end-to-end service that will make a lot of peoples lives much easier.


Not even a second at the waiting room

We were lucky enough to work with a client team that was keen to keep pushing forward no matter what but able to learn, pivot and adapt on the go. That’s why in only 14 weeks after kick off, the app is already available and the company is up and running.



Product Strategy
User Research
Service Design

UX Design
Art Direction
Visual Design


12 weeks