CL3VER is an immersive platform to build interactive 3D and VR presentations making the lives of designers and architects easier. Clients such as Google and IKEA knocked on their doors looking for assistance with their projects. Although these references speak for themselves, they still sought room for improvement. And thus our story begins.

Unifying the process

CL3VER is composed of many separate parts that work together. The presentation, its core experience, and an ecosystem of plugins for 3D modeling software such as Autodesk Revit and 3DS Max. The tricky part was to make it much more user friendly. To put everything together and make it feel like one homogeneous experience.

pop up@2x

When two teams work as one

Coordination is always important but in a project with so many parts, so many gears moving on their own, it becomes the key to success. We worked hand in hand with their team in order to reach the final design direction. They worked on the core 3D engine while our crew took on the challenges of product management, design and front-end development.

Our goal was to make the users life easier as well as bring more options to the table. For that, we made it possible for them to upload projects, manage, share them and use them to prepare presentations for their clients.


One tool to rule them all

After its makeover, the new CL3VER stands out from its previous versions. Managing to both make things simpler whilst at the same time being more powerful, CL3VER is a must-have for every architect and product designer.



UX Design
Art Direction
Visual Design
Usability Testing


Long-term collaboration